Helps Restore Your NATURAL Tearfilm

Clinical research has proven that MGD can be effectively treated by applying heat directly to the eyelids where meibomian glands along with regular eyelid hygiene. Some doctors who specialize in dry eye treatment have invested in “thermal pulsation” equipment that enables them to precisely control the heat and pressure applied to the eyelid.

The doctors at ThermaMEDx set out on a mission to empower their dry eye patients to apply a similar approach at home that requires no machinery or prescription. We also designed our patented EverTears® self-heating, pre-moistened cleaning pads to be affordable at around $1/day.


Precise Heat

Instantly provides moist heat at the exact temperature doctors recommend to help open pores and liquify the waxy buildup blocking meibomian glands.


Precise Control

Designed so patients can safely heat and clean the precise area of the eyelid needed to help restore flow of protective oils and reduce evaporation of natural tear fluids.


Precise Cleaning

Sterile cleaning pad premoistened with a gentle, preservative-free cleaning solution that includes coconut oil extracts.

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